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Manchester Fencing Club Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the finances of the club are organised and managed effectively through the bank account kept in The Union. They should ensure budgets are submitted at the start of the year and monitored throughout, and will manage costs throughout the year such as club clothing, entry fees, and monitoring income such as membership, event and trip fees.

Key Tasks
Managing all income, expenditure, receipts and invoices including MMUnion signatory arrangements
Efficient payment of invoices and bills
Managing legal requirements such financial regulations
Reports regularly to the committee/chairperson on the club’s financial status
Prepares /presents financial year end report to AGM
Financial planning, budgeting and monitoring throughout the year
Keeping up to date financial records
Arranging handover or succession planning for the position

Personal Qualities Required
Good accountancy knowledge
Great organisation skills
Good administrative/IT skills
Communication skills
Attention to detail
Ability to handle money and cheques carefully
Confidence with numbers
Knowledge of MMUnion financial procedures

Support Available
We will support the treasurer with the resources and experience of the Student Activities & Opportunities teams you will also have the support of your elected committee. Training is available at the start of your term of office. Committed treasurers will have the chance to develop themselves and the club through further training and development plans.

Our website provides other useful resources of interest to the treasurer such as, The Student Activities Handbook, how to budget, funding applications, how to handle money, cash handling risk assessments, finance forms and much more. Over the course of the year, there will be specific additional training to assist you in your role.

Commitment Required
The treasurer must ensure that all finances, ordering and money handling is conducted in accordance with MMUnion financial procedures. They should be available to report on finances at all committee meetings and to meet with Student Activities/Opportunities staff when necessary to discuss the account. They should sign all orders and refunds along with a 2nd signatory – therefore they need to be available to committee members/ members regularly.

Skills and Experience You'll Gain
You will certainly have the opportunity to develop your communication, leadership, organizational, team workin

The Union, M156AD

You must be over 16 years old

Open from Friday 31st August 2018 to Sunday 30th June 2019

Closing on Saturday 1st June 2019 in 254 days.

offered by MMU Sport Fencing Club (Manchester)