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Manchester Boxing Co- Chair

Role Purpose -
The role of the Chairperson is to oversee the business of the Club and to keep order among members. They have overall control, giving direction, keeping focus and structure. Their ultimate responsibility is to take decisions on behalf of the committee following consultation with its members.

Key Tasks -
•Support the efficient running of the club
•Chairing regular committee and annual general meetings
•Being actively involved in developing an action plan for the club
•Ensure appropriate documents, including minutes are available for committee members
•Helping committee members understand their roles and responsibilities
•Ensure the club achieves the aims established at the beginning of the season
•Act as the ambassador spokesperson for your club

Qualities Needed -
•Confident and effective communicator
•Great organisation skills
•Ability to delegate duties
•An understanding of the development plan, constitution and policies
•Ability and knowledge to act as spokesperson for your organisation
•Unbiased and impartial
•Knowledgeable on equity issues
•Discipline and mediation

Support Available -
We will support the chair with the resources and experience of the Student Activities & Opportunities teams. In addition, you will also have the support of your elected committee. Training is available at the start of your term of office. Committed chairpersons will have the chance to develop themselves and the club through further training and development plans.

As well as providing your club with its own webpage to promote your activities, our website provides other useful resources of interest to the chair such as – The Student Activities Handbook, H&S Policy, Code of practice, How to manage discipline, Development plan template and much more. Over the year, there will be specific additional training to assist you in your role.
Skills you will gain -
•You will certainly have the opportunity to develop your communication, leadership, organizational, team working and project management skills. However, it must be noted that students will only get out, what they put into the event process.
•You will gain experience in budget and people management.

The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University,Manchester, M156AD

You will have access to the MMU Sport Reward & Recognition Scheme.

You must be over 18 years old Age Groups Mixed

Open from Monday 22nd May 2017 to Tuesday 1st May 2018

Closing on Friday 15th December 2017 in -127 days.

offered by MMU Sport Boxing Club (Manchester)

Latest Feedback

Left on Monday 30th October 2017 for Manchester Boxing Secretary

Ran the boxing social for the year, iincluded setup and tidying after.


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