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Manchester Taekwondo Secretary

Role Purpose -
The Secretary is the principal administrator for the club. This is a pivotal role in which the secretary carries out, or delegates, enabling the club and its members to function effectively. The Secretary minutes committee meetings and uploads these for the entire committee to read.

Key Tasks
•Organising and attending key meetings (including Annual General Meetings)
•Taking and distributing minutes
•Delegating tasks to club members
•Dealing with all correspondence
•Ensuring all documentation is up to date
•Maintaining up to data records and reference files
•Arranging handover or succession planning for the position

Qualities Needed -
•Confident and Effective communicator
•Great organisation/IT skills
•Ability to delegate duties
•An understanding of the development plan
•An understanding of the governance and policies
•Ability and knowledge to act as spokesperson for your organisation

Support Available -
We will support the Secretary with the resources and experience of the Student Activities team you will also have the support of your elected committee and chairperson. Training is available at the start of your term of office, as well as at the beginning of term 1. Committed Secretary’s will have the chance to develop themselves and the club/society through further training and development plans.

As well as providing your club with their own webpages to promote your activities the website provides other useful resources of interest to the secretary such as – The Student Activities Handbook, STARS handbook, the constitution, Transport forms, Low risk forms and much more. Over the year there will be specific additional training to assist you in your role.

Skills you'll gain -
•You will have the opportunity to develop your communication, leadership, organizational, team working and project management skills. However, it must be noted that students will only get out, what they put into the process.
•You will gain experience in budget and people management.

The Union, M156AD

You will have access to the MMU Sport Reward & Recognition Scheme

You must be over 16 years old

Open from Tuesday 22nd May 2018 to Friday 31st May 2019

Latest Feedback

Left on Friday 14th September 2018 for Manchester Taekwondo Club Treasurer

This is a great opportunity and great way to give back to a fantastic club

Left on Friday 14th September 2018 for Manchester Taekwondo Club Social Secretary

committee meeting

Left on Friday 14th September 2018 for Manchester Taekwondo Club Chair

committee meeting

Left on Monday 26th February 2018 for Manchester Taekwondo Club Consultant 2

I enjoyed this opportunity as it allowed me to give back to a club I really enjoy

Left on Sunday 21st January 2018 for Manchester Taekwondo Social Secretary

Good session

Left on Wednesday 25th October 2017 for Manchester Taekwondo Club Consultant

Sports Council 1 Hour session which introduces the council of the Sports Clubs, This helps for us to know which person we would need to communicate for certain requirements. It would help alot if Non-Bucs would recieve more support then mainly BUCS clubs


The Union, M156AD