Tour de Manc - Cyclocross Beer Fest 2018

Tour de Manc is a not for profit brand, which aims to raise significant funds for registered charities, whilst supporting cycling inclusivity (enabling para-cyclists, women cyclists, kids etc) and encouraging people to cycle for health benefits. Tour de Manc has no employees and everything is done on a voluntary basis, with only necessary costs being deducted. There is no profiteering in any form and all surpluses are donated to registered charities.

We aim to have over 45,000 participants in the next 5 years, from grassroots kids’ cycling and disabled inclusion rides to elite competitive events. Tour de Manc aim to work with other organisations (public and private) to achieve joint aims and are actively supported by Greater Manchester borough councils, TFGM, some significant corporates and several charities.

Event Opportunities

Starts on Saturday 1st September 2018

Event Assistants needed for the first ever X Manc, hosted by Tour de Manc

MMU Sport Volunteering 01612476427

Bowlee Community Park , M244LA

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